Mauritius, the “Pearl of the Indian Ocean,” has repeatedly been named among the world’s top wedding destinations, reaching no. 1 in 2015. This is not surprising, as it combines awe-inspiring scenery with a unique blend of African, Asian and European cultures and irresistible world-famous cuisine. As Mauritius has become known as “the island of weddings,” its people have turned the wedding into a fine art — wedding formalities here are among the simplest in the world, and the efficiency of Mauritian wedding co-ordinators is legendary.

Mauritius lies in the Indian Ocean, about 1,200 miles of the south-east coast of Africa. Its year-round warm climate, with the driest months in May to November, ensures it is rich in tropical vegetation, flowers and exotic wildlife, including many species unique to the island. It is surrounded by the world’s 3rd largest coral reef, creating sparkling blue lagoons, and ensuring swimming and sailing are totally tranquil and safe, though the east coast beaches are more windy.

Why Is Mauritius the Number 1 Choice for my Wedding?

Mauritians famously take great delight in weddings, and aim to make sure yours is as happy an occasion as possible, so there are absolutely no restrictions on where you can get married — you choose where you want to take your vows, and the Registrar will come and meet you there. So you are limited only by your imagination — go for a barefoot wedding on one of the many sublime beaches, or a romantic spot in a tropical garden. There are many of these to choose from, the most famous being the 300-year-old Pamplemousse Gardens with their exuberant displays of giant water lilies and exotic blooms, or the luscious orchards of the Chateau Labourdonnais. For an even more natural setting, choose one of the stunning national parks, such as the Black River Gorge with its waterfalls and awe-inspiring mountain vistas.

There are plenty more possibilities. You can hire a private yacht or catamaran, decorated with garlands and flowers, and sail along the shimmering lagoons, enjoying the spectacularly scenic coastline, and perhaps combining it with a sunset cruise. Or there are an abundance of enchanting private islands along the coast, such as the idyllic Ile de Deux Cocos.

If you would like a religious ceremony, this is no problem — Mauritius can provide you with a choice of beautiful and unique churches. One resort hotel on the west coast even has a wedding chapel built into the branches of a banyan tree. For an alternative kind of religious celebration, the magnificent Triolet Shivala Hindu temple provides a stunning and unusual backdrop.

It is even possible to arrange an under-water celebration — you can repeat your vows on a beautifully decorated submarine, with the aquatic world of gorgeously-hued tropical fish passing before your eyes. There are all sorts of possibilities for a personalised ceremony, including a wedding for a golfing couple on the tee of one of the island’s most famous golf resorts. Whatever your choice, never doubt that Mauritians really understand about weddings, and are committed to ensuring their wonderful island remains one of the wedding capitals of the world.

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General Information About Mauritius

  • Area: 1,865 sq. km
  • Population: 1.3 million (2013 census)
  • Capital: Port Louis
  • Language: Official language English, but French and Creole are equally widely spoken.
  • Currency: Mauritian rupee

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