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Indian Ocean WEDDINGS

For a dream wedding destination, it’s hard to imagine a more idyllic part of the world than the dazzling tropical archipelago of the Indian Ocean. Whatever picture you have in your mind of a romantic paradise, this region, with its sun-kissed palm-lined beaches lapped by crystal azure waters, and its luxuriant interiors, will exceed all your expectations. This is where all your daydreams become reality.

Any one of the enchanting Indian Ocean islands would provide a matchless destination for your wedding. And yet, each individual island has its own unique character, and each has something different and special to offer. From the colourful cultures of Sri Lanka to the vast untouched beaches and coral reefs of Mauritius, or the lush forests of the Seychelles, there is an almost infinite range of wedding venues, ensuring that you can find the one that meets your desires.

Why the Indian Ocean for your Wedding?

If you have set your heart on an exotic, out-of-the ordinary location for your special day, the Indian Ocean offers what you are looking for and much more. The warmth of the islands is matched by the warmth and friendliness of its people, whose aim is to make you happy and share in your happiness. The Indian Ocean is a place where cultures from Africa, Asia and Arabia meet and combine, to provide a heady, dreamlike ambience that will enrich and intensify the romance.

The Indian Ocean provides an incredible variety of backdrops for your wedding. Many couples of course dream of a beach wedding, and beaches across the area are picture-perfect. The region is well known for providing the best diving opportunities in the world, so if you choose, you can combine your wedding with a diving package, in the company of extraordinary marine life including dolphins and manta rays. But the breathtaking beauty of the islands extends far beyond the beaches, and inland you will find striking granite landscapes, luxuriant forests, and an abundance of spectacular flora and fauna.

Perfect Indian Ocean Wedding Spots

Any one of the stunning islands of the Indian Ocean would make an exciting and intoxicating wedding destination. Mauritius and the Seychelles are well known as top world wedding spots — very accessible, and where weddings are very easy to arrange. They both offer a fantastic variety of superb venues.

If cultural richness appeals to you, there is nowhere in the world to match Sri Lanka, with its temples and palaces, and its wealth of imposing colonial buildings, providing amazing wedding backdrops. Or there are the myriad undiscovered crystal coves of the Maldives, with their astonishing and beautiful underwater life, for an enchanting place to renew your vows. And if you are more adventurous, a fantastic place to renew your vows is Madagascar, with its incredible wildlife and extraordinary rock formations.

There are plenty of choices for places to stay for your Indian Ocean wedding. Whether you are looking for a beach resort where everything is laid on, a sophisticated city wedding, or a private celebration in a secluded villa, you can be sure of finding what you want. If you are on a budget, there are boutique guest-houses or private cottages, or you can even book a luxury self-catering wedding villa for a very reasonable sum. The Indian Ocean welcomes you, whoever you are, and will make your wedding, whether simple or elaborate, truly wonderful.

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