The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago is a Lesser Antilles twin island country. It is located just north of South America and very close to the northeast coast of Venezuela. However, it is often included when speaking about Caribbean island due to the shared maritime boundary with Barbados.

There are two main islands that make up the twin island country, along with other smaller landforms scattered around. Within the two main islands, there is one individual ward and nine different regions to choose for your wedding destination. Being one of the wealthiest countries in the Caribbean, it is perfect for your destination wedding.

Why Have Your Destination Wedding on the Islands of Trinidad and Tobago?

The island of Tobago is the one to choose for your wedding. It is full of laidback towns and tourist attractions. Trinidad is best known for its business lifestyle but does have some beautiful beaches and places to visit. One of the main reasons to choose either islands is the warm climate throughout the year. It is your paradise wedding.

There are many beaches to choose when planning your big day. Maracas Bay is the most popular, with its beautiful white sand beaches and warm waters. It is also the home of a pretty rainforest, offering a change of scenery and somewhere romantic for your beautiful wedding photos. If you want somewhere untouched and peaceful, Castara Bay is somewhere to visit. This is away from the tourists and is popular for locals to fish.

Along with the beaches, there are some beautiful resorts and private villas to make your visit complete. The romantic atmosphere is felt as soon as you step onto the island, whether travelling by plane or sea.

When choosing Trinidad and Tobago for your destination wedding, you will need to think about the timing. There are a lot of carnivals and festivals throughout the year. If you want a private and peaceful wedding day, organising around these dates is advised.

Why Is Trinidad and Tobago Famous?

This is the home of calypso music, with many musicians using the steelpan drum. The islanders claim that the country is the birthplace of the steelpan drum. Food lovers will be interested to know that Chutney also comes from the twin island country.

It is also the home of two authors who have won Nobel Prizes. Derek Walcott, who is best known for starting the Trinidad Theatre Workshop on the island, and V.S. Naipaul both have connections to the island country. The Port of Spain is also the home of Edmundo Ros, who is best known as Latin America music’s answer to Elvis Presley. Heather Headley and Geoffrey Holder are also famous artists who have won Tony Awards and come from Trinidad.

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General Information About Trinidad and Tobago

  • Capital: Port of Spain
  • Language: English is the official language, but Trinidadian Creole and Tobagonian Creole are both recognised regional languages. Spanish is spoken in some small towns due to its proximity to South America.
  • Area: 1,981 square miles
  • Population: 1,223,916 based on a July 2014 estimate
  • Currency: Trinidad and Tobago dollar
  • Independence day: August 31