St. Vincent and The Grenadines

When you want the perfect wedding, there is nowhere better that St. Vincent and the Grenadines. The Lesser Antilles group of islands are located on the border of the Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean, and you will soon benefit from the warm, beautiful climate.

The country is more commonly referred to as St. Vincent after the main island. The Grenadines cover a chain of islands from the sound of the main island towards Grenada. While the islands may be smaller, they have beautiful locations and perfect beaches to consider for your destination wedding day.

Why Choose St. Vincent and the Grenadines for Your Destination Wedding?

The group of islands are perfect if you want something romantic and private. There are various exclusive beaches and amazing sights to really add the edge to your wedding photos. St. Vincent is the home of some beautiful volcanoes that will add to the landscape as you show off your wedding day to your friends. There are also waterfalls and valleys to enjoy. La Soufriere is the largest volcano on the island, reaching 4,000 feet. Don’t worry though; it is dormant.

While enjoying your wedding day, you will benefit from tasty, juicy food. The soil is rich in nutrients from the volcanoes, which means that the fruits and vegetables get everything needed. Add nutmeg, breadfruit, bananas and coconuts to your wedding meal to treat your guests to the luxuries on the island.

The many beaches are covered in soft, white sand, and you will be surrounded by crystal blue waters. The war climate will also offer you the perfect weather for your day. What more could you want from a dream wedding location? Some of the beautiful beaches to consider include ones at Saint David, Saint Patrick and Saint Andrew.

The location is also perfect for your honeymoon. There are various activities to do on the island, and other Caribbean islands are close by. Since the currency is the East Caribbean dollar, it’s really easy to go between the islands without worrying about exchange rates.

How Is St. Vincent and the Grenadines Famous?

Ezra Hendrickson is one of the most famous people to step off the island. He was a footballer from the island, who played in the NLA Premier League; the country’s own football league. He is also a national captain and has played soccer for a number of American teams. Since retirement from the game, he has remained in the sport scene. He now acts as assistant coach to the Seattle Sounders.

Rugby is another popular sport on the island, along with cricket. St. Vincent and the Grenadines are regularly involved in international championships for both sports.

When it comes to music, steelpan, calypso and reggae music are all popular options, and will be great additions to your destination wedding. Bring the culture to create something unique and memorable, while being thoroughly entertaining.

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General Information About Trinidad and Tobago

  • Capital: Kingstown
  • Language: English
  • Area: 150 square miles
  • Population: 103,000 based on a 2013 estimation; 109,991 based on the 2011 census
  • Currency: East Caribbean dollar
  • Independence day: October 27

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