St. Lucia

When you want somewhere that has soft beaches and warm seas, St. Lucia is the place to be. The Caribbean island is one of the Lesser Antilles islands, and just north of St. Vincent. Barbados is to the southeast of the island.

It has a long history of war and ruling. While it finished in British control, the French took control for a number of years. There are still French colonies around and you will see the history as you walk along beaches.

Why Get Married in St. Lucia

There are some excellent spots for your wedding on this beautiful Caribbean island. Marigot Bay is just one of the favourites for many people

Marigot Bay is just one of the locations to consider. While it is popular for weddings, though, it is also popular with many of the locals and tourists, so you may not get the romantic, private ceremony that you wanted.

However, Laborie Beach is an excellent option for seclusion and romance. It is away from the island’s busiest areas and not too far from the fun of Marigot Bay.

It is not just about the beaches. There are some beautiful rainforests around and even a dormant volcano. Along the coastline, you will be treated to scenic wedding photos. The Petit Piton and Gros Piton twin peaks can be seen from the majority of locations on the island.

With volcanic rock making up the majority of the soil, the plants are exquisite. You will taste the juices from the local fruits and will find yourself immersed in beauty. There are also waterfalls to enjoy to get those extra special wedding photos; you could even opt for a wedding by the waterfalls.

St. Lucia is full of water spots, whether you enjoy scuba diving, surfing or want to try your hand at snorkelling. You can also delve into the many caves. If you’d rather stay away from all that on your honeymoon, another option is a helicopter tour.

On top of that, the warm, mild climate is the perfect reason to choose this Caribbean island for your wedding destination. You’ll hardly ever see a day colder than 77 degrees F.

Famous Elements of St. Lucia

The island is famous for more than its luxurious sights and beautiful beaches. The festivals are among the most popular reasons to visit the island. The natives love to party in style, whether it is to celebrate its heritage or to have fun with music. The island’s annual carnival in July is one of the most popular tourist seasons.

There are also a number of great names that come from the island. Nadine George MBE is one of those, who was the first female to ever score a Test century for the West Indies cricket team. She went onto become the Sportswoman of the Year in 2004. That same year, Darren Sammy took the Sportsman of the Year award. He is known for being the first St. Lucian to play on the men’s West Indies team in 2007 and he went onto captain it three years later.

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General Information About St. Lucia

  • Capital: Castries
  • Language: English
  • Area: 283.23 square miles
  • Population: 173,765
  • Currency: East Caribbean (EC) dollar.
  • Independence Day: 22 February

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