The beautiful island of Barbados is an excellent choice for a luxurious wedding destination. The island is located in the western part of the North Atlantic, offering sandy beaches and warm waters throughout the year. If you want a calmer and more private wedding ceremony, the west coast of the island is the place to visit. However, the south is great for festivities and a livelier reception. Of course, both work extremely well together. Try the west for the romantic ceremony and the south for your party and honeymoon.

Why Marry in Barbados?

With so many wedding hotspots in the Caribbean, why is Barbados the best for you? As soon as you step foot on the beautiful island, you will get the romantic feeling. Love is in the air in the country and it is topped off with the warm climate and scenic views.

Towards the northwest of the island is Six Men’s. There are many shipwrecks and bright boats to use as your backdrop for your wedding. You could even step foot on one during the service to really add a unique element to your big day. It will certainly not be something you forget.

Crane’s beach in the south is the best on the whole island for destination weddings. The sand as a light pink shade to it, giving it a more romantic and loving feel. Bottom Bay and Accra Beach are two other favourites on this part of the island.

This is also a great island for your honeymoon after your wedding day. There are plenty of things for your friends and family members to do, so they get to enjoy a holiday. You can then go off scuba diving around the shipwrecks and surfing around the infamous Soup Bowl. Barbados is also the home of some amazing caves to offer a secluded and private feel.

The islanders love their parties and festivities, so you will have no problem finding something cultural to do. They will also welcome you with open arms, especially as soon as they find out you’re getting married in the country.

The Famous Faces of Barbados

Barbados is the home of a number of famous faces. One of the current famous singers on stages around the world is Rihanna. She has done so much for the island that she was made the youth and culture’s Honorary Ambassador. While she is the most famous face off the island, there are other musicians including Rupee and the members of a band called Cover Drive.

Cricket is the country’s national sport, and there are a number of great sport players from the island. Many people will have heard of Sir Frank Worrell and Sir Garfield Sobers. Out of all the West Indies islands, Barbados has the most British influence that can be seen just at a glance.

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General Information About Barbados

  • Capital: Bridgetown
  • Language: English
  • Area: 166 square mile
  • Population: 277,821 based on the 2010 census
  • Currency: Barbadian dollar, although the US dollar is widely accepted