The Bahamas

The Commonwealth of the Bahamas is a chain of more than 700 islands, islets and cays, only about 23 of which are inhabited, situated just south-east of Florida in the United States. Strictly speaking, the Bahamas are not part of the Caribbean, as they are located in the Atlantic Ocean, but they are normally classed as Caribbean islands because of their close similarity in culture and tradition. The Bahamas belong to the Caribbean Community, the economic organisation of Caribbean countries.

The islands can be affected by tropical storms and hurricanes, but have a warm and sunny climate, which varies very little throughout the year, making it a popular holiday destination. There is a huge diversity among the islands, from the sophistication of Nassau and Freeport, to the pine forests, mangrove swamps and tiny villages of the quieter islands such as Mayaguana and Andros.

Why the Bahamas Would Be the Perfect Choice for a Wedding

Most couples dream of a fairy-tale wedding, and for many, the Bahamas sum up what a fairy tale is all about. The spectacular golden, white and pink beaches, the air fragrant with flowers, the musical waves lapping on the shores, the soft pastel colours all around — all combine to make the perfect conditions for nurturing romance.

However, the really amazing thing about the Bahamas is how utterly diverse the islands are, so that you are virtually guaranteed to find the perfect island for your wedding. There’s Grand Bahama, or Nassau and Paradise Island, if you want a big extravaganza with lots of guests. If you long for an intimate exchange of vows in a secluded spot, the enchanting Out Islands have a special magic that can make you feel as if you are the only two on the beach.

But what makes the Bahamas a destination like no other is the incredible variety of weddings that you can choose. Of course, you can have a church wedding in the Bahamas, or you can marry on a beach or in a tropical garden — but where else in the world can you get married on a submerged shipwreck, on a reef dive, or even on a dive with sharks? At Blue Lagoon in Nassau/Paradise Island, you can have a dolphin act as your ring-bearer, or you can choose to have your ceremony on the ocean floor, with beautiful sea creatures gliding round you. Many Bahamas weddings also take place aboard a yacht or party boat.

If you prefer something slightly more traditional, one of the top favourite locations for weddings is the Pink Sand Beach on the ultra-chic Harbour Island, with its stunning architecture. This gives you several choices of background — the rose-coloured sand of the beach, the iconic Blue Bar Restaurant, or the romantic Garden Terrace, surrounded by lush foliage and flowers. Another favourite spot is the mediaeval cloisters on Paradise Island, located within the elegant Versailles Gardens, with the ancient stone arches and statues providing a magnificent wedding backdrop — or you can have a ceremony at the Hermitage, the Gothic-style ruined monastery on Mount Alvernia on Cat Island, the highest point on the Bahamas. The possibilities are truly endless, but all are romantic, beautiful, and utterly unforgettable.

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General Information About The Bahamas

  • Capital: Nassau
  • Language: Bahamian English
  • Area: (land) 10,070 square kilometres
  • Population: 382,374 (2013 census)
  • Currency: Bahamian dollar

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